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Looking Up for Inspiration

I have been a lithographer for many years, focusing on images of man’s relationship to his environment. This is a vast subject as you can imagine, and artists have been grappling with it for centuries. There is a massive quantity of ideas on this subject in my head and every once in a while, something […]

Cold is a Novelty

I have a friend in Norway. I met him on an excursion to Spain. We both wanted to bask in the sun on the Costa del Sol and dip our toes in the warm water. We took a train to Granada. It didn’t hurt that we both wanted to see authentic flamenco dancing and eat […]

Home for a Bit

Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease, but it is a far cry from Type 1 which can be a real killer if it is way out of control. People with it have to take injections of insulin. Most Type 2 do not. I learned this when I returned home for a visit and found […]

A New Inspiration

As a lithographer looking for interesting subjects, the world is my oyster although I have chosen to encircle a particular area in the far east. All you need is an artist’s eye and the right location. For me it is Taipei, the land in which I was born. A big undertaking for me is my […]

Expanding My Portfolio

It is not surprising that a person who loves adventure and travel would enjoy learning new things from time to time. I am never opposed to expanding my skills beyond my printmaking techniques. They have always been a priority concern. There is so much out there and every encounter can be an exciting challenge. As […]

Mending Fences

I have everything in my studio that I need to make prints. I am by trade a fine art lithographer. I have invested a lot of money in inks, paper, and presses. I want to safeguard my wares from vandalism and theft. I have had some minor break-ins in the past and therefore I must […]

Practice Makes You Better

Soccer is a preferred game worldwide. Fan mania extends to every corner of the globe as far as Taipei. I can attest to this fact. I have been studying and practicing techniques myself for some time. At its best, the sport is an art form that requires certain drills. Coaches and players differ as to […]

PO-Chich Gets Inspired.

In my travels around Europe, I have spoken with many people who are concerned about the pollution of the planet. It is a global problem now and each nation must face its own challenges. I was born in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. We have undergone three decades of industrial expansion in Taiwan so […]

Artists Who Inspire Po-Chich.

My life is so exciting now that I am sharing a studio with Gunther Hartzog. I hope that Gunther is as happy as I am. I have spoken with him about my work as a lithographer whose work celebrates the link between Man and his environment. We don’t see eye to eye about everything but […]

The Collaboration Between Gunther Hartzog and Po-Chich.

Gunther and I are working in a studio together. We are not always there at the same time, as Gunther must attend classes at the Fine Arts College. When we are together we have some long conversations about our work and about the visual arts as a whole. We both still believe that art can […]