Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease, but it is a far cry from Type 1 which can be a real killer if it is way out of control. People with it have to take injections of insulin. Most Type 2 do not. I learned this when I returned home for a visit and found out that my dad has this prevalent problem. There are degrees of Type 2 and you need a recurring blood test to assess your progress. The numbers for the typical A1C test are 6.2 for borderline cases. Over 7, you need medication like Januvia, Jardiance, Metformin, or others. The higher you go, the more likely you need insulin or some synthetic form of it. The drugs help lower the numbers by at least a few points. Apparently, my father has been fighting this illness for some time and has developed nerve pain in the feet. This is a common symptom that can be alleviated with medication like Lyrica, and a regular foot massage. Contrary to folklore, you can in fact get a massage according to Higher Massage and it won’t cause further damage. It might be painful, this being the major reason to desist. What you have to be careful of is cutting toenails. Some people have to go to a podiatrist to get it done.

I am happy that my dad can get some relief. I was worried at first about the massage aspect, but it is so beneficial that it is highly recommended by physicians in the field. He can go to a foot spa (they are starting to pop up all over run by Chinese immigrants) or have it done at home by a friend, relative, or professional masseuse who makes house calls. It can get expensive so I have tried to help out by sending some extra funds when I can and asked for help from friends on Facebook. I was happy to see his face and that he has made some improvement; I hope on my next home visit he will look even better. I would do anything to secure an improvement. Most of all, he needs nutrition counseling – and soon. You can lower your A1C they say by avoiding sugar and carbs. We all need to take this advice and it is important for a variety of medical conditions. My dad had a thorough physical and I was pleased to find out that he doesn’t have a heart condition or high blood pressure that would exacerbate the Type 2 diabetes.

I found out in all my research that a foot massage is not just for the infirmed. Everyone can enjoy more stimulation to the circulation and relief from soreness and pain. Tight shoes, standing for hours on end, walking for miles are all reasons to indulge now and then. I can see that many people want to do it regularly. I know that you can supplement visits to your health spa with a portable home unit. They come in all sizes and shapes with attachments that can address every area of the foot. Sounds great to me!