So far in my travels through Europe, I have attended several lectures and even given some talks myself. I have gathered lots of material that I would like to turn into some works for an Exhibition. I would like to set up a studio here in Frankfurt Am Main, in Germany and get to work while I feel inspired. I would prefer to set up a studio with one or two visual artists so that we can share the rental and also enjoy each other’s company. It’s lucky for me that I speak English fairly well as English is spoken almost as a second language throughout Europe, especially in the cities.

I have put up several notices on the message boards at the Städelschule. These notices have my photograph on them, so maybe someone will recognize me and start a conversation with me. The campus also includes an exhibition space called Portikus, where international artists can exhibit. I would love to set up a group show there, as Portikus has a reputation for exhibiting modern and abstract art.

My art is not hugely well known in my homeland of Taiwan, but I have exhibited in three group shows and one solo show. A Taiwanese patron of the arts funded my solo show and I was then inspired to travel and extend my knowledge of lithographic and other printmaking techniques. I love to draw and drawing comes first even before making a run of prints. I have chosen printmaking as an art form because of the ease of reproduction. I like the idea that many people can own works of art, even though for some of my prints I have deliberately kept the print run short. Short print runs were a feature of my True Love series where I assumed that people who bought my works would only give their love to one person at a time.

So, here I am roaming around the grounds of the Städelschule in Frankfurt. I really want to meet some people and make friends here. Oh, look out, here’s someone running towards me! They’re calling out my name “Po-Chich, Po-Chich!” I stand still and wait for the young man to catch up to me. He is holding something in his hand. “Mr. Po-Chich,” he says, “I think you dropped this. I saw you drop it when you were putting a message up on the board.” I’m grateful to see that he is holding out my Eurail Pass. It must have fallen out of my pocket while I was searching for a pen. I duly thank the young man and we fall into a conversation.

“You are looking for an artist-friend?” he says. “You want to share a studio?”

“You must go to the Staatliche Hochschule fϋr Bildende Kϋnste. There are many artists there who have some spare room in their studios. You will not have to start up something new.”

The young man gave me detailed directions to the College of Fine Arts of Frankfurt Am Main. Once I reached the campus, it was easy to find the studios. I was able to introduce myself and after mentioning the name of the young man I had met near the Portikus, Gunther Hartzog stepped forward and told me that he would love to share a studio with an artist from outside Germany. That was such a great moment for me and I am looking forward to some sort of collaboration with Gunther.